From the president

Paige Brennecke, a second-year student at Westminster College, is a student leader active in various organizations which raise funds, educate, and work towards justice in the areas of women’s health and ecology. As a leader on the Campus Activities Board, Pre-Healthcare Club and her sorority, Paige hosted events to promote women’s health such as a women’s hour at the gym and a women’s self-defense class. She also hosted events to raise funds for birthing kits for the Maasai Tribe in Tanzania, the National Eating Disorder Association, and Breast Cancer Research and Domestic Violence Prevention. Paige worked towards ecological justice by organizing campus-wide Earth Day events and working with the Stream Team to clean up trash on campus, remove invasive honeysuckle, and plant non-invasive species. Paige is committed to community engagement, service, and life-long learning. She is currently working to research the root causes and effects of the lack of health care access along with avenues to improve nutrition and public health in the local community of Fulton, Missouri.

Donald Lofe Jr.

President of the College and Chief Transformation Officer

Westminster College


Personal Statement

Moving from the big city of St. Louis to Fulton opened my eyes to the lack of quality healthcare options available in small towns. Becoming a member of such a small community, I realize how easy it is to take timely healthcare for granted. As a pre-med student I want to pursue a project that addresses the lack of healthcare access in the rural community of Fulton. I feel passionate about using my resources as a college student to make a difference. I am majoring in Biology and have created a minor in Ceramic Chemistry to combine my love of the human body and art. I enjoy brainstorming, planning, and implementing a project as it fuels my creative drive. My roles on campus include planning school-wide events and guiding my sorority in planning activities to benefit our philanthropy, students, and alumni. I believe in accessible quality healthcare, and I want to utilize my strong work ethic to improve the lives of those in Fulton, both on campus and beyond. I will excel as Westminster College’s 2023-2024 representative of the Newman Civic Fellowship. I’m excited for the opportunity to receive the support needed to improve the quality of life for others.

Paige Brennecke


Westminster College