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Nina, a junior Music Therapy major with a minor in Interdisciplinary Interfaith Studies at Nazareth College, has directly impacted communities near and far through community engagement, service-learning abroad, and peer education and leadership. Nina came to Nazareth in order to pursue social justice activism through hands-on experiences. She believes that one of the ways to positively contribute to her community is through music and interfaith dialogue. Nina has explored societal inequities and community solutions locally and globally by working with non-profit organizations and traveling on various study abroad programs including Austria, Cambodia, Germany and Poland. In addition, Nina has contributed to conversations regarding DEI concerns in her field of study and has started a Diversity and Inclusion Committee through her role as President-Elect of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Association for Music Therapy Students. Through experiential learning, Nina has learned the importance of choosing courses that promote compassion and taking action to implement change in her community. She believes that through cultural humility and understanding, she can be a better clinician and activist.

Elizabeth Paul Ph.D.


Nazareth College


Personal Statement

My name is Nina DeMilta and I am a junior Music Therapy major with a minor in Interdisciplinary Interfaith Studies. I have been involved with my campus’s community engagement office since my freshman year of college through my work with Partners for Serving. Through this position, I go out to the Rochester community and engage with community partners regarding social issues. My passion for social justice activism and community outreach stems from engaging with humans from all walks of life through service learning experiences. At Nazareth, I have taken opportunities to study abroad in Austria, Cambodia, and Germany/Poland to learn more about global issues and the role I play as a world citizen. I feel that I am called to make a difference in our society through the use of music and cultural humility. I have been involved with my regional music therapy organization and serve as the current president-elect, which involves collaborating with various students and professionals about DEI concerns in our field. Through education, understanding, and open-mindedness, I continue to learn and grow from others as we work together to address issues that inevitably impact people from marginalized and oppressed groups.

Nina DeMilta

Music Therapy

Nazareth College