From the president

Nicole Manke, a third-year student at Lewis University, is passionate about empowering others to reach their full potential. As a social work major and a student leader, Nicole has dedicated herself to creating spaces in which college students build authentic community while also confronting the realities of power, privilege, and social injustice. She currently serves as a Community Engaged Learning Facilitator and a resident assistant at the University, growing relationships and compelling others to engage in their community.

David Livingston


Lewis University


Personal Statement

I have always wanted to help my community anyway that I can. I have the opportunity to encourage and promote fellow students to work with an array of community partners by connecting them with resources through working with the Office of Community Engaged Learning. While seeing the power of community through the eyes of the students, I am able to facilitate reflections to expand their, and my, understanding. During my field placement next year and other future endeavors, I hope to go in with an open mind and soak up as much information and learning experiences as possible.

Nicole Manke

Social Work

Lewis University