From the president

Menasha Thomas, a member of the class of 2024 at Barnard College, is a leader both on and off campus, working across campus to build communities of care and end discrimination in all its forms. Menasha takes action around issues of inequality to promote social change at the most local level. She works collaboratively across the campus and the local neighborhood to respond to the pressing needs facing communities, leading the student response to local neighborhood crises and steering mutual aid efforts to support students at Barnard College and Columbia University experiencing need. Barnard has already recognized Menasha’s capacity to engage her peers with the Millicent C. McIntosh Leadership Award and we remain confident that Menasha's tenacity and perseverance in on the ground civic engagement will take her far.

Sian Beilock


Barnard College


Personal Statement

Growing up, I watched my parents tackle obstacles with unrelenting grit, integrity, and hope. Their experiences now serve as the inspiration behind my work today, fueling me on my public service journey. On campus, I currently lead a team of organizers in community outreach efforts through Barnard’s Office for Community Engagement and Inclusion and support inclusive institutional initiatives through the Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Off campus, I co-lead an independent mutual aid organization that supports Barnard and Columbia students experiencing immediate financial and material need. While I found initial inspiration from my parents, I am continuously inspired by the organizers and changemakers around me and hope to harness the knowledge and experiences I gain in my years ahead to instill change on an even greater scale.

Menasha Thomas

Urban Studies

Barnard College