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Marguerite Stoffel, a third-year student at Drake University, is an active business student with an interest in business as a force for good. She supports the Dean’s Honor Roll for Social Impact and serves as an ambassador to business college students on how to meaningfully engage with the community, while exploring how businesses have the ability to drive social change. Additionally, she is active in the Drake Neighborhood, connecting the campus to the larger Drake Neighborhood. She organizes events and initiatives to engage the student body in service work and community engagement in the Drake Neighborhood. Her focus on relationship-building and "showing up" has made her a trusted ally in the Neighborhood.

Earl Martin


Drake University


Personal Statement

Growing up in a small town in Wisconsin taught me the importance of community and the influence that building relationships between students and community members can have on both parties. Since moving to Des Moines for college, I have largely focused on building relationships between students and community members. Through leadership positions, I have attended Drake Neighborhood Association meetings and partnered with them to host events for students and neighbors. This partnership has profoundly developed my sense of belonging on campus and in Des Moines, and led me to focus on ensuring other students on our campus find the same. In addition, I have worked in the Zimpleman College of Business to drive initiatives for social impact among students and explore the need for social responsibility of corporations and business-minded individuals. My work has surrounded encouraging and assisting students with participating in meaningful service experiences, which we know will develop feelings of belonging and community and foster a desire to explore the underlying social issues. I am excited to learn more about how businesses have the ability to drive social change and continue to explore the importance of creating relationships between students and community members centered around social change.

Marguerite Stoffel

Accounting & Public Relations

Drake University