From the president

Louis Fowler is a first year student at Great Bay Community College and has already made a great impact on his community. He is a founding member and president of Pride Alliance, a club to give LGBTQ+ students a space to foster queer friendship and promote education and representation at the college. As president, Louis has led the charge on everything from social media, recruitment, and education about LGBTQ+ issues to the wider student body. Outside the college, he is forging connections in the larger queer community, including working with Seacoast Outright to participate in Portsmouth Pride. Louis has founded an LGBTQ+ club at every school he has attended, with Pride Alliance being his third club. When not in school, he works at Portsmouth Hospital, extending caring for others into his professional life.

Cheryl Lesser


Great Bay Community College


Personal Statement

I from a very young age was taught my base tenants by my mother. They were 1.) equality and care for all 2.) Growth will never be comfortable but will always be necessary and 3.) differences were what made us whole. This was the background music of my childhood and as I grew I realized how different I was. Coming out as bi and trans as a young adult changes how you view the world and often hardens people. I was not one of those individuals. I promised myself that I would never let the cold of the world freeze me and after a long period of thinking I realized where ignorance and misinformation was found and as a highschooler began to speak openly at staff meetings presenting my case to a room full of adults, preaching love acceptance and empathy for the people like me who were too weak to speak out. I find my strength in knowing I am keeping others from the negative experiences that I had in my life and every day since that point in time I strive a little harder to continue with the tenants my mother taught me.

Louis Fowler


Great Bay Community College