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Logan Gray is a junior at Defiance College and plans to graduate in 2024 with a degree in Social Work. She is an active leader on campus and participates in many activities and organizations that promote social justice issues and improving the human condition. These include working with the Defiance College Service Leaders program and the Social Work Club. She has applied her academic research interests in emotional resilience and overcoming trauma. Last year, she traveled internationally to Belize to work with school-aged children on stress management. Logan will travel to Ghana this summer to work with a local orphanage. Logan personifies what the Newman Civic Fellowship is about, and she would be an excellent addition to the 2023-2024 cohort.

Richanne Mankey


Defiance College


Personal Statement

Before stepping onto campus, I aimed to immerse myself in opportunities. Growing up, I was timid and quiet, but starting college, I wanted to become a role model for others, as my family has done for me. From being a resident assistant to athletics, I have realized what it takes to be someone others can look up to as a leader in their community. I pride myself on trying new things to gain experience and get to know others. Through the Social Work Organization, I worked with a class full of students to organize an event called Empty Bowls to raise money for the local homeless shelter. In addition, I was named a McMaster Scholar for Belize in 2021-2022 and was part of a seven-person team. Through community-based research, I developed and implemented a project to educate parents in Belize on the importance of emotional resilience in their children. While impacting communities internationally, I am also a member of the Service Leadership Program, where I will volunteer over 400 hours locally at the end of my senior year. I have learned to work collaboratively on various levels and use my knowledge from the classroom to be an example for others.

Logan Gray

Social Work

Defiance College