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Lexi Gause is a first-generation college student at the University of Northern Iowa majoring in Social Work with a minor in Mental Health and a Certificate in Child Welfare. Gause serves as the President of Black Student Union, Vice president of Membership and Engagement for Panther Ambassadors, and is a part of the Student Social Work Association (SSWA) and Thrive Mentoring program. Gause is passionate about creating new and innovative ways to disperse information and support the community agenda. In her current job she works with a diverse range of people with mental health and behavioral issues. In the words of one of her nominators, “Lexi has been on the forefront of social justice and inclusion since her 1st year here at UNI. She has taken accountability to help our students understand the importance of unity and becoming their best." Lexi is a true leader and takes pride in everything she does. It is evident by her grades, volunteer work, and involvement at UNI. She knows hard work and is never afraid to roll her sleeves up and get involved.

Mark Nook


University of Northern Iowa


Personal Statement

Ever since I was in grade school, I always yearned for the ability to be a leader, an impactor. As I started to get older I grew into the mindset of a social activist. I found myself being present in my community. I joined the Youth NAACP in Cedar Rapids while in High School, and attended “The Academy for Scholastic and Personal Success”. I learned about Black History, the beauty and the struggles, and I came to understand that so much work has been put in involving the rights and equality of Black individuals, however so much work still needs to be done. I transferred that social activist energy to my college campus when I first attended. I found that I specifically want to advocate for equity in health care. I am a social work major and intend to pursue my masters in social work after I graduate with an emphasis in clinical social work to become a medical social worker. This will open the door for me to get a better understanding of the health environment, to pave the way for implementing programs, initiatives and trainings for providers to understand how to better care for people of color.

Lexi Gause

Social Work

University of Northern Iowa