From the president

Kelly Minto, a second year student at Mott Community College, is a student leader active in creating a welcoming and open environment focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Her work on the President's Student Advisory Council is where she was able to give voice to the student body and help formulate ideas around DEI. Kelly has also led community service projects to benefit local food banks and shelters. Her commitment to her community is shown through her actions.

Beverly Walker-Griffea


Mott Community College


Personal Statement

As someone who has personally experienced the positive impact that volunteering and community involvement can have, I am deeply committed to addressing the root causes of social issues and working to create long-term social change. I have demonstrated this commitment by participating in numerous service projects and fundraising events on and off campus. For example, I organized an off-campus service project that impacted over 1300 families during the holidays. I am also part of a clown troupe that performs an anti-bullying show at schools throughout Michigan, and I am a member of the President's Student Advisory Council, where I work to address issues on campus and provide a voice for students. In addition, I have taken a leadership role in organizations such as Phi Theta Kappa, where I have worked with other members to implement a college textbook recycling program and partnered with Fuel to Play 60 to launch their program on campus. I have gained valuable collaboration, leadership, and problem-solving skills through these experiences, and I am motivated to continue using these skills to impact my community positively. Working together and engaging in collaborative action can create long-term social change and address inequality and other pressing social issues.

Kelly Minto

Biology major, pre-medicine concentration

Mott Community College