From the president

Kayla Young is a committed and dedicated student at Lindsey Wilson College working in the local community to ensure that students have access to mentorship. She combines her knowledge in public health as a nursing student with her advocacy and engagement work in the Bonner Scholar Program to develop EDGE Mentoring. Over the past two years, Kayla has been working with leadership at Campbellsville Schools to establish the mentoring program with the goal that all children at Campbellsville Schools have access to mentorship regardless of their background. In her final year, she will formalize processes and leave a legacy for volunteers that come after her to continue impacting lives for generations to come.

William Luckey


Lindsey Wilson College


Personal Statement

My passion for being a mentor to middle and high school aged students began before I graduated high school myself. At the early age of 13, I began volunteering in the children's ministry at my church. Teaching elementary kids about the love of Jesus fueled my servant's heart and motivated me to volunteer beyond the church. Most recently, and where I feel like I have seen my passion grow the most, is with the E.D.G.E. mentoring program that started last year in my hometown school system. With E.D.G.E. I have been able to directly mentor students ages 5th to 12th grade. While with students we discuss progress in school and evaluate weekly goals and self-care practices. We focus on future plans, whether that be preparing for college or preparing to work right after high school. I have created many bonds with the students and have become someone they trust and can confide in. My goal is to make sure each student, no matter their background, knows that they're capable of following and achieving any goals they have set for themselves and helping provide the means for them to get there in whatever ways I can!

Kayla Young


Lindsey Wilson College