From the president

Judy Zhou is a dedicated student leader whose thoughtful advocacy helps to strengthen Georgetown University’s commitment to cura personalis––“care of the whole person”. She has been an integral part in the development and implementation of programming related to systemic and social issues through her roles as a facilitator for the Asian-Pacific Islander Leadership Forum (APILF), as a Georgetown student activist, and as an intern for APIAVote (Asian & Pacific Islander American Vote). Across each of her roles, Judy has been a leading voice in the advancement of social change, structural reform, and equity within institutions that have historically marginalized communities. Judy brings to each of her leadership positions a high degree of compassion, insightfulness, and a deep commitment to change.

John DeGioia


Georgetown University


Personal Statement

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I saw how the rise in anti-Asian hate impacted my community when four Asian-owned businesses minutes from my home were vandalized and burglarized on Lunar New Year. This violation motivated me to advocate on behalf of my community when I felt that my hometown and University had failed to provide space that affirmed Asian American residents and students. On campus, I am a facilitator for the Asian-Pacific Islander Leadership Forum (APILF), a political organizing group for AAPI students, through which I campaign for the establishment of an Ethnic Studies department and manage the reinstatement of an Asian American Pacific Islander residential affinity space. I have also been a Resident Assistant for two years, and serve as a resource and peer in response to residents’ concerns, emergencies, and crises. At home, I have worked on multiple campaigns for a first-generation, Asian American candidate who was recently elected to the Maryland General Assembly. These commitments have allowed me to push for social change within institutions that have historically marginalized communities of color. I plan to pursue a career in public service through which I can continue to advocate for structural reform and advance equity for my community.

Judy Zhou

Culture and Politics

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