From the president

Jordan Branch, a Manufacturing Engineering Technology major with a minor in Occupational Safety and Environmental Health, is an exceptional student dedicated to community service, a respected leader among his peers, and a role model for engagement, not only at Millersville University, but in the greater Lancaster County community as well. Jordan, a first-generation college student, serves as vice-president of three student professional associations - demonstrating his commitment to promoting a sense of community and engagement at the university. He is passionate about equity and addressing disparities in his community. Jordan is also strongly motivated to address public problems, using his leadership role in the student chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers to collaborate with three non-profit community partners to coordinate a winter coat drive for the Lancaster community. Jordan exemplifies excellent leadership skills, he engages in collaborative action with others from campus and the community, and he has a strong desire to create long-term social change.

Daniel Wubah

University President

Millersville University of Pennsylvania


Personal Statement

When I was younger, my mother was the first person to involve me in making a difference in my community by addressing families with disparities in our church. These families were struggling with food insecurity and inadequate seasonal clothing. I also provided lawn care for the older people of our congregation who had physical limitations. Since joining the Millersville University community, I have had the privilege of holding three organizational Vice President leadership roles related to my major in manufacturing engineering and my minor in occupational safety. I am involved in the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), the American Society of Safety Professionals, and the Millersville University Construction Club. In these associations I have been able to scale impact by using leadership and organizational skills to coordinate coat and food drives and to advocate to a younger generation of minorities about engineering career possibilities. This year I led the NSBE in partnership with three local non-profit organizations to coordinate a winter coat drive. With the help of the Lancaster Food Hub, Lancaster Habitat for Humanity, and The United Way of Lancaster County we were able to collect and distribute over 250 coats to those in need.

Jordan Branch

Manufacturing Engineering Technology major with a minor in Occupational Safety and Environmental Health

Millersville University of Pennsylvania