From the president

Jessika Crockett-Murphy is a Junior at Stonehill College whose passion, creativity, kindness, and dedication impact all whom she encounters. She is a change-maker, envisioning and imagining solutions and then putting her problem-solving abilities into action. Jessika excitedly offers her presence in every opportunity presented to her. She shares her talents in the Student Government Association as Executive Vice President, in the Anchors Leadership Society, in the L.I.G.H.T community engagement program as an intern, in the H.O.P.E. service immersion program as a participant and leader, at the farm as an intern and volunteer, and as a Moreau Honors Scholar and First-Generation Scholar. As a leader with compassion and enthusiasm, Jessika is a powerfully impactful member of the Stonehill community.

John Denning C.S.C.


Stonehill College


Personal Statement

I have always felt an innate pull to service, being first in elementary school to offer to help stack chairs and jumping into service trips in college. Coming from a working-class family was difficult, but made me realize that when it's possible, I should try to help others in need. My involvement in government clubs and leadership roles has always been a way for me to help create a better future for everyone. I was raised on the ideas of servant leadership, and use my positions to serve others. While my career focus has shifted, focusing on a future in Higher Education and collegiate ministry as opposed to working in government, my passion for helping others is still there. Being a first-generation college student has given me insight on how to help those also breaking glass ceilings in their family, like being the first to be on track to Catholic confirmation. As a queer woman new to faith, I have found comfort in my religious community and have the ability to be a welcoming presence to those timid of the faith. I always share my journey towards God, and assure them they can be loved and accepted too.

Jessika Crockett-Murphy

Political Science

Stonehill College