From the president

James Harris, a second year student at UW Green Bay, exemplifies the forward thinking and innovative learning we value, as well as the core principles and charge of the Newman Civic Fellowship program. Mr. Harris has a deep commitment to social change in our country. Through his own personal life experiences, he has developed a passion for advocating for empathy and learning over prejudice and hate. He has a strong belief that our country needs to focus on understanding to best heal our divisions and achieve long term social change in American institutions. As a result, Mr. Harris has intentionally focused his academic career on civic engagement and learning how to better involve himself and others to improve the community. Through his majors in Political Science and Democracy and Justice Studies, Mr. Harris plans to focus on ways in which we can address societal problems to prioritize people over profit. He has been active on our campus in the Civic Scholars Leadership program, in UWGB Student Government on the Environmental Affairs Committee, and as an intern for the City of Green Bay Mayor’s Office. We are very proud of Mr. Harris’s achievements as a UW Green Bay student!

Michael Alexander


University of Wisconsin-Green Bay


Personal Statement

I grew up in an incredibly racist and prejudiced household. There was no particular moment I suddenly became aware of the injustice in the world; it gradually happened after I left the house. I met people with different experiences and eventually realized I was narrow-minded and ignorant. Hatred is a powerful uniter, but people who hate are often blind to its consequences. Because I've been on the wrong side of history, I want to help people see the beauty in others. It doesn't matter where you are right now; it matters where you're going. I want to get involved in politics and fundamentally change how we solve societal problems to prioritize people over profit. I'm currently a member of Student Government on the Environmental Affairs Committee and interning for the City of Green Bay.

James Harris

Democracy and Justice Studies, Political Science

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay