From the president

Jai Kozar-Lewis is seeking a B.A. in Supply Chain Management and hoping to graduate from Michigan State University (MSU) in 2026. In his current role as an MSU Community Engagement Scholar, he supports his community partner, the City of Lansing, Michigan with asset mapping projects, community placemaking, and grant writing and management. As a current freshman, his contributions to the university and community partnerships are outstanding. He displays the leadership skills of an upper classman or graduate student. Jai’s contributions to the scholar cohort are inspiring and impressive. He raises important questions and shares his learning in ways that benefit the entire scholar group. Jai is committed to issues of food security. He understands how these issues disproportionately impact communities of color and contribute to health disparities. He hopes to use his education in supply chain management in the service of such critical concerns. He received the Spartan Volunteer Services Award in 2022, an honor I was delighted to bestow on him as the Interim President of MSU.

Teresa Woodruff

Interim President

Michigan State University

jai kozar-lewis

Personal Statement

I have been involved in community service for all my life. I have had the privilege to serve my community in various ways. However, most of my efforts have been towards solving food insecurity. From collecting donations for local food banks at a young age to now regularly volunteering at the Larry Mitchell Trice Sr. Community Outreach Services, I have been able to see how food insecurity impacts people’s lives. Through my position as a Community Engaged Scholar with the City of Lansing, I have seen how the lack of resources allocated to economically disadvantaged individuals only creates more food insecurity, which leads to greater health problems. These issues, based on geographical differences, disproportionately affect communities of color. I want to pursue a degree in supply chain to solve the challenges of food distribution caused by the pandemic.

Jai Kozar-Lewis

Supply Chain Management

Michigan State University