From the president

Jacob Martin is a second year student at Morningside University. In addition to demonstrating academic excellence, his professors commend his enthusiasm in the classroom, noting his strong work ethic. Jacob is a leader on campus through his service in Student Government, Choir, Morningside Poll Fellow and the History Honor Society. Jacob is a former Eagle Scout, as well as an advocate for an inclusive campus community.

Albert Mosley


Morningside University


Personal Statement

America has become increasingly polarized. Throughout the US, public forums for vital conversations have degraded or dissolved entirely. This issue of disunity is deeper than a particularly inflammatory election or politician; it is a structural issue originating at a grass roots level. Thus, the apparent remedy should be focused on fostering individual conversations across differing sectors of a community. I have applied this philosophy to my work on civic outreach. My membership in the Colonel Bud Day Center for Civic Engagement and work on the Morningside Poll has allowed me to better understand problems facing Iowans. Additionally, serving in the Morningside Civic Union (MCU), Morningside Democrats, and Morningside Student Government has helped me to spark difficult conversations with students, faculty, and staff. Off campus, I have actively participated in multiple primaries, worked on political campaigns, and assist in organizing community speakers. In these tumultuous times of disorder, creating avenues for public discourse at the community level has become the most powerful tool for cultivating community and rapport across local, state, and national lines.

Jacob Martin

Political Science & History

Morningside University