From the president

Haydyn Hudnall, a fourth year student at the University of Central Arkansas, has combined her passions for languages and public problem solving in pursuit of immigration advocacy. In her time as a student in UCA’s Schedler Honors College, she has built authentic relationships and partnerships on campus and in our local community, whether to raise awareness about homelessness, facilitate campus town hall meetings on racial inequality, or bring no-cost LSAT preparation to her fellow pre-law students. Most recently, she has focused on supporting immigrant communities in Arkansas through English language and civics classes along with legal advocacy, a pathway she plans to continue through law school and her career.

Houston D. Davis


University of Central Arkansas


Personal Statement

Since personally witnessing unjust deportations from the United States, I have been passionate about immigration policy and serving diverse groups within our country. As a student of English and Spanish, I have learned that language is essential for building inclusive communities and participating in public problem-solving. In a diverse community, we can use language to transcend borders and enhance communication. Language studies have aided my civic engagement during internships and volunteer experiences. I interned at an immigration firm in Washington D.C., and I currently co-teach English and civics classes at Arkansas United, an immigrant resource center. In both capacities, I have interacted with clients across the world and in the United States, relying on Spanish language skills to improve client relationships and connect clients with resources. I will further my education with a master’s degree in Spanish and a Juris Doctorate and continue to apply my passion for building inclusive communities as a public problem solver.

Haydyn Hudnall

English and Spanish

University of Central Arkansas