From the president

Eva Ngono, an Antonian Honors student with art history and political science majors, is applying her education to important issues in the Twin Cities. Eva Ngono has been involved in Minnesota Teen Activists for a number of years, an ongoing effort co-organized and led by young people to specifically work toward social change. With a focus on education and social justice within our St. Kate’s community, Eva is part of the Student Leadership Team and Student Action Planning group, both of which focus on collaborative action. Overall, Eva is very involved on campus, in Justice Reads, Catherine G. Murphy Gallery, Office of Scholarly Engagement, and Multicultural and International Services and Programs. Eva has been an intentionally collaborative leader, advocating for important social justice issues on and off campus. She lives out our University’s vision of “educating women to lead and influence” in the roles she has taken on at St. Catherine University and in the broader community, practicing public leadership in an effort to bring about positive change.

ReBecca Koenig Roloff


St Catherine University


Personal Statement

Local to the Twin Cities, Eva Ngono is a proud daughter of immigrant parents, pursuing an education that prioritizes equity, justice, creativity, and cultivating a compassionate world. Double majoring in Political Science and Art History with a minor in Museum Studies, Ngono is dedicated to advocacy and collaborative community building. By engaging in work and art addressing systemic injustices as well as education reformation at an institutional level, she hopes her efforts encourage fundamental foundations of long-term, sustained change. Working towards this goal, Ngono has served as a community volunteer, speaker, and board member for different advocacy groups including local youth-led non-profit Minnesota Teen Activists, St. Kate’s student club Justice Reads, as well as a student volunteer and member of the St. Kate’s Student Action Planning Committee aiming to promote institutional change through leadership and collaboration with members of St. Catherine University’s administration and the campus community. Through her passions, Ngono works alongside her peers in a collective, unified effort to fight for a more equitable, just, fair, and diverse world for our greatest selves to thrive.

Eva Ngono

Art History and Political Science

St Catherine University