From the president

Emilia Toth is a junior at the University of Southern Maine and works closely with Maine Students Vote to increase student voting engagement on campus. For the past two years, she has organized voter registration drives and group trips to the polls on her campus and has created multiple opportunities for students to learn about the voting process and why voting is a vital part of civic engagement. Additionally, she has spoken publicly about issues such as gun safety, women's rights, and local elections as a part of several coalitions with the League of Women of Voters Maine. As a Women and Gender Studies major, Emilia works closely within her school and local community to advocate for change and is driven by her passion for feminist leadership and organization. Currently, Emilia is working on campus voting plans for the 2024 Presidential Election, while also presenting testimony for gun safety legislation and participating in other legislative tasks for the League.

Dr. Jacqueline Edmondson


University of Southern Maine


Personal Statement

I became involved in activist work at a young age when I began organizing gun safety rallies and student groups at my high school in Nashville, TN. I had always identified as a feminist and became passionate about advocacy work, which gave me opportunities to grow closer with my community and fight for change. Since moving to New England, I noticed the lack of student voter engagement, which led me to Maine Students Vote. I have worked with MSV for two years, which has allowed me to quickly connect with others and try to improve civic engagement and safety through my advocacy. Through voter registration drives, group trips to the polls, and gaining experience with testimony writing and participating in different coalitions, I have had incredible opportunities to work on changing a wide variety of issues that I'm passionate about. My leadership opportunities have strengthened my connections with those around me, and have further led my drive to make a difference.

Emilia Toth

Double Degree in Women and Gender Studies and English

University of Southern Maine