From the president

Elexis Hubbard is an engaged, compassionate and hard-working undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Social Work. She has a demonstrated commitment to community service in both her academic and volunteer work. When she is not in the classroom, Elexis dedicates time to addressing inequalities and social change. She serves as president of Alpha Phi Omega’s (APO) Sigma Alpha Chapter — a co-ed service-based fraternity, and has received multiple honors within the APO organization related to service. She hopes that, as a leader in the organization, she can inspire others to work for social change. Additionally, Elexis is a community volunteer dedicating more than seventy hours each semester to various nonprofit organizations including food pantries and homeless shelters. With a positive demeanor, Elexis does this all while still finding academic success as evidenced by her inclusion on the Dean’s Honors list. Elexis has expressed a desire to be a voice for those who do not have the resources they need and an advocate for people whom she believes are often overlooked in society. After completing her degree, Elexis hopes to work with families and children who suffer from chronic illness who face barriers receiving appropriate medical attention.

Kristin Sobolik


University of Missouri-St Louis


Personal Statement

I realized I had a passion early in my life for helping those who could not speak up for themselves. As an undergraduate student, I have been fortunate to step into leadership positions that have helped my dream of creating a community of people who use their skills and positions to serve others. My dream of becoming a community organizer and chapter president of a national service fraternity was fulfilled after I transferred to the University of Missouri-St. Louis. As president, I have had the opportunity to bring together like-minded individuals to use their skills in helping the surrounding communities. I have organized annual community clean-ups for Kinloch (the oldest incorporated African-American community in Missouri), spearheaded a group of diversified conversations within the UMSL community, and assisted in planning the Alpha Phi Omega’s conference. Furthermore, I volunteer 70+ hours a semester with various nonprofit organizations, food pantries, and homeless shelters. Leadership positions have helped me develop my communication and organizational skills. A long-term goal is for my social work degree and my life experiences to work in harmony to help encourage diverse communities of service throughout the area and to do all I can to assist those in need.

Elexis Hubbard

Social Work

University of Missouri-St Louis