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DeAndre Johnson is a third-year Public Policy student at Stanford University who is passionate about pursuing a career in public service and research. He is committed to reducing growing economic disparities in the United States and around the world and has a strong interest in education equity. His background as a low-income individual and his experience working with low-income students have provided valuable insight into the issues he is passionate about.

Marc Tessier-Lavigne


Stanford University


Personal Statement

To me, the power of education cannot be understated. Pursuing and accessing education has provided me with the means to understand myself and the world around me, and also the tools to begin changing the world for the better. Entering college, I found that my identity as a Black, low-income student could be leveraged to empower youth like me and advance education equity in historically marginalized communities. Every week, with the High School Support Initiative (HSSI), I work directly with local high school students, their teachers, and Stanford students to advance education equity in the local community. These efforts have underscored to me the importance of economic and political forces in shaping the trajectories and unequal outcomes of the most marginalized communities. Because of my experiences with HSSI and my own lived experiences of inequity, I have pursued research to understand the economic policies which continue to contribute to inequality. Throughout my academic career, I hope to continue advancing education equity (and equity more broadly) by expanding our understanding of the economic and political forces that shape our realities and co-creating programs and policies in light of these understandings.

DeAndre Johnson

Public Policy

Stanford University