From the president

Dan Harvey, an Industrial Technician student at Great Falls College MSU, is a student leader actively involved in generating community interest in Great Falls College's trades programs. As an ambassador for the college, his compelling story not only as a Veteran, but as someone who escaped addiction and legal troubles, engages people who may not have considered going to college. Dan currently runs a race car and promotes education at every turn. He is a champion of others' work and a leader in the classroom and the community, actively volunteering with the Heisey Communty Center mentoring the youth. His positive energy and constant sense of good humor make him an excellent mentor to the kids.


Personal Statement

I enjoy being involved in the community and helping others. I do volunteer work and am a board member at the Heisey Youth Center in Great Falls. The Heisey provides sports, education, arts, tutoring and camps for children K-12. The Heisey is a great way to keep our kids active, safe and out of trouble. As a proud veteran of the U.S. Air Force, I am an active lifetime member of Disabled American Veterans (DAV). With DAV I connect with veteran on addiction, homelessness or health issues, help create fund raisers and provide awareness of the program. I race cars as a hobby and use this to create fund raisers for the Heisey and the DAV. By working with Electric City Speedway, we have created Student Night and Veteran night at the races where students and veterans get in free. I once struggled with addiction and legal issues. With determination, I overcame these obstacles in my life, and I now want to contribute through my experiences by educating children about drugs and alcohol and addiction.

Dan Harvey

Industrial Technician

Great Falls College Montana State University