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Cassie Mohr is a Political Science and Public Management, Leadership, and Policy student at The Ohio State University. Her work on campus has been recognized through numerous accolades, including being selected to participate in the Washington Academic Internship Program through the John Glenn College of Public Affairs. She volunteers as the director of registration for OSU Votes, a student-led, non-partisan movement to register, educate, and encourage student to vote.

Kristina Johnson


Ohio State University-Main Campus


Personal Statement

Growing up, I was taught the power of engaging in local government by family members. Local government has a significant impact on the everyday lives of individuals, yet voter turnout is consistently lower for these races than national elections. Local governments are responsible for filling the pothole outside your house, maintaining your favorite park, and other seemingly little things that can drastically affect your day-to-day routine. Turnout in these elections is even lower for young voters who often lack the resources and ability to navigate voter registration forms and ballots. In high school, I realized I can reduce these barriers by walking them through the registration process and helping them decide the most convenient way to vote. I continued this work in college by joining OSU Votes, a nonpartisan group that empowers students to vote.

Cassie Mohr

Political Science and Public Management, Leadership and Policy

Ohio State University-Main Campus