From the president

Azusena Hernandez, a sophomore at Maryville College, is a determined young woman committed to helping others and being a role model for those around her. She excels at analyzing problems and finding solutions, creating consensus, and helping those who are different work together productively. While pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, she works as a CNA and actively participates with Circle K and the Latin Student Association. As a Bonner Scholar, Azusena serves ten hours a week in our community in the Home Health and Hospice Services department at Blount Memorial Hospital and with our local warming shelter. At MC, we encourage our students to follow the motto of our founder, the Rev. Isaac Anderson, to “Do good on the largest possible scale.” Since her first day on campus, Azusena has fully embraced this motto, challenge, and expectation.

Bryan Coker


Maryville College


Personal Statement

As the eldest daughter of immigrant parents, my parents always emphasized the importance of education. I grew up in a household where English was not the primary language, but despite the language barrier, my community was always willing to help me overcome that obstacle. As I grew older, I became a part of the community mentors dedicated to helping children growing up in similar backgrounds. Over the past two years, I have had the opportunity to volunteer with the Adult Education Center, Warming Shelter, and Blount County Public Library as a Bonner Scholar at Maryville College. Through this service, I have realized the importance of a community coming together and getting multiple perspectives, but most importantly, the lack of access to education for people of different, diverse backgrounds. I want to pursue a degree and continue my service with the community to give back to the community that has shaped me into the person I am today. Pursuing a STEM degree in higher education as a Hispanic female will allow me to be a role model for future generations that overcoming the obstacles and prejudices that would otherwise impede our accomplishments is possible.

Azusena Hernandez


Maryville College