From the president

Areeb Hasan, an undergraduate student at Saint Louis University, has demonstrated a commitment to health policy and access in Missouri. He is a Public Health major, with plans to minor in both Political Science and Biology. Areeb’s passion for advocacy and policy change is impressive. He is mentored by the staff of SLU’s Center for Social Action (CSA). The CSA provides opportunities for students to engage in deeper reflection and social action on serious community issues. Areeb participates in the CSA’s Health Care Policy Pod where students analyze and advocate for or against health and wellness proposals. He is also a regular contributor to legislative call-in days and travels to Jefferson City with groups of SLU students to meet with elected officials in the Missouri Capitol. Understanding that voting is an essential aspect of civic participation, Areeb routinely helps students and local residents register to vote.

Fred Pestello Ph.D.


Saint Louis University


Personal Statement

In late spring of 2022, a family friend who owns a local inner-city home for the disabled and elderly asked me for help. Given the intense labor shortage at that time, she needed someone to temporarily act as a caretaker. Understanding her concerns, I accepted her offer, unknowingly making the most impactful decision of my life. Working at the home and sharing the smiles, laughs, and tears with all of those wonderful people filled me with both happiness and regret. Collaborating with the participants, I came to understand the plight of those who have to deal with a community and a government that have failed them. With these experiences, not only did I also eventually become assistant manager at the center, but I also understood the importance of the Jesuit values of solidarity with those most in need and service for and with others, which are staples of Jesuit education at Saint Louis University. These experiences have led me to advocate for healthcare equity, access, and quality. I embody these goals and values as I advocate for or against Missouri healthcare legislation, contribute to voter engagement efforts, campaign with and promote local politicians, and serve on student government.

Areeb Hasan

Public Health and Social Justice

Saint Louis University