From the president

Angel Collazo, a sophomore, Spanish and psychology double major at the College of the Holy Cross, was selected for the fellowship in recognition of his extensive community engagement, dedication to diversity and inclusion efforts, and leadership potential. Angel serves as a leader in Holy Cross’ Passport program, Odyssey program, Student Programs for Urban Development, Pax Christi, and Multicultural Peer Education program. Angel has also worked locally with community partners to support Latinx and low-income youth in Worcester, including Ascentria Care Alliance’s tutoring program for unaccompanied refugee minors and Dough Club, a student organization working to address college student food insecurity. Angel seeks to grow in his leadership skills by gaining critical civic engagement expertise and pursuing opportunities to address issues of equity and justice. Angel is passionate about immigration issues and climate change, and has worked with Massachusetts’ elected officials to influence policy that better supports social justice efforts in these areas. Angel takes pride in his Puerto Rican heritage and low-income upbringing and sees himself as an agent for change.

Vincent Rougeau


College of the Holy Cross


Personal Statement

My advocacy journey began at the Social Security office, translating my single mother's demand for government assistance. After losing our home due to a domestic abuse incident, we found ourselves in a shelter. Struggling with reduced benefits, my mother fought to provide for her two kids, highlighting the systemic challenges faced by minority groups in the U.S. Inspired by her resilience, I've channeled her daring attitude at Holy Cross, advocating for change to dismantle oppressive systems on campus and beyond. From directing Spanish-speaking volunteer sites to addressing crucial issues with the Pax Christi group, I've learned that these efforts can’t be done alone. Hence, in collaboration with the College Chaplains' Office, I led a post-Hurricane Fiona Puerto Rico fundraising campaign and was part of a group that fostered awareness of immigration and climate change policy in meetings with Rep. Jim McGovern and Senator Elizabeth Warren. In partnership with human resources, I designed a language program to empower staff, fostering professional growth. Within the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, we have ongoing efforts to enhance accessibility, and affordability, and address food insecurity, creating a campus that values and includes all.

Angel Collazo

Psychology and Spanish

College of the Holy Cross