From the president

Angelique Young is a passionate learner and community connector. She is seeking a bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology at Augsburg University. Angel is involved in a number of activities and student groups on campus, including Augsburg’s Bonner Community Leaders Program through which she works at the American Indian Student Services office on campus. From a young age, Angel has sought to find her voice and agency to make change in the world and help those around her. She has held internship roles at Brooklyn City Hall and the Brooklyn Bridge Alliance for Youth, and has worked with the Children’s Defense Fund. Angel hopes to make a positive difference for young people by influencing public policy and creating awareness.

Paul Pribbenow Ph.D.


Augsburg University


Personal Statement

As a child, I never dreamed that I would be someone with the power and voice to make a difference in the world. I realize now that I make a greater impact with my words and actions as an adult with a voice than I ever imagined. When I interned at Brooklyn Park City Hall in 2019, I realized that I had a passion for using my knowledge and experience to make a difference. From my interactions with the mayor and other council members to the different departments at City Hall, I knew this was my destiny. From the Brooklyn Bridge Alliance for Youth to Genesys at TCF Bank to Second Harvest, UCodeGirl to the Children's Defense Fund, I have been involved with many organizations over the years. By using all of my knowledge and experience, both past, present, and future, I try to make a positive difference. Helping those who have little or none is my mission in life, those who have grown up as I have.

Angel Young


Augsburg University