From the president

Amy Lorentzos-Lobo is a trusted and rapidly developing leader with a passion for community engagement, particularly with underserved K-12 students and the Lowcountry South Carolina ecosystem. Her leadership significantly enhances The Citadel’s efforts to engage more of our students in sustained efforts to address these issues.


Personal Statement

Serving others has been a core value instilled in me since middle school and now motivates me to make a difference myself while leading others to address pressing community issues. I am especially passionate about two issues- equity in education and environmental protection. I have had the chance to learn by serving in the education sector as a tutor and a teacher aide in Title I schools located in Charleston. Being able to see some of the issues of the education system firsthand as a future educator has shown me that change is necessary and can start now. I have also had the opportunity to serve in the wildlife sector specifically at Waccamaw Wildlife Refuge. My experience here has taught me the importance of taking care of our environment for wildlife and future generations. Our military college has unique systems for recruiting and organizing volunteers. I have stepped up to lead alternative breaks as well as to organize my peers through company leadership service initiatives. I have learned a lot about myself and about societal issues through serving my community and I hope to engage more of our students in comparable experiences, especially in education and environmental protection.

Amy Lorentzos-Lobo

Secondary Education/Biology

Citadel Military College of South Carolina