From the president

Alexandra Papatheodorou is a third-year student in the Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Hellenic American University. She is a highly conscientious, hard-working student with a passion for the humanities and a strong sense of social responsibility. Her interest in volunteerism began in her first year of studies when she was inspired by the university’s Politis program of civic engagement. Her first volunteer work was at the Hellenic Antipoverty Network, where she translated testimonies of people experiencing severe poverty. In the following two years, Alexandra deepened her commitment to volunteerism in various fields. She volunteered at her hometown’s Covid-19 vaccination center, held an event to raise awareness about diabetes, and she brought students together to cook and distribute food to homeless people during Christmas. She also spent a month as a volunteer English translator at FairLife Lung Cancer Care. Through her dedication and work in these and other projects, Alexandra has proven to be an inspiring and enthusiastic advocate of civic engagement.

Leonidas Phoebus Koskos Esq.


Hellenic American University


Personal Statement

I was first exposed to volunteerism in my freshman year when I learned about our university’s Politis Program of Civic Engagement. I was immensely inspired by the program’s philosophy and values. My first assignment was at the Hellenic Antipoverty Network, where I helped translate testimonies of people who had experienced or were experiencing poverty. In the summer of 2021, I decided to volunteer at the COVID-19 vaccination center of my hometown’s hospital; my aim was to alleviate the workload of the healthcare workers and simultaneously help more citizens receive their vaccine faster. The Politis Program has inspired me not only to join the calls for volunteers but also to create my own projects. More specifically, this year, I started two projects. The first was run in November with the aim of further educating students and people outside our university about diabetes. In the second project, which ran in December, we spread the spirit of Christmas to homeless people in Athens by distributing food to them. There is something that I keep telling my fellow students: ‘’Take your own initiative, don’t wait for an organization to take action… You can improve the community, even by offering a simple service to others.”

Alexandra Papatheodorou


Hellenic American University