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Alex Edgar is a second-year at the University of California, Berkeley studying Political Science with a concentration in Political Behavior and minors in Public Policy, Education, and Political Economy. He frames his work as taking an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the intersections of education, policy, and the economy and how in conjunction, they influence everyday Americans' political behavior. He is interested in developing policy solutions to major social problems, aiming to create a democracy and education systems that are more responsive to the will and needs of the American people.

Stephen Sutton

Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

University of California-Berkeley


Personal Statement

I am a second year at UC Berkeley studying Political Behavior with minors in Public Policy, Political Economy, and Education. I'm passionate about developing policy solutions to pressing social problems in order to create education systems and democratic institutions that are more responsive to the will and needs of the American people. More than anything, I love working with my peers to inspire Generation Z to become the most civically engaged generation in American history. These young people motivate me to work for a better future and to serve my communities by advocating for the rights of those in need. As Director of UC Berkeley’s Vote Coalition, I successfully spearheaded a fight to secure an on-campus polling location in 2022 and acquired over $50,000 in grants for civic programming. I also coordinate civic engagement efforts and lead voting rights and civic education policy advocacy for over 280,000 students across all nine undergraduate UC campuses for the UC Student Association. Through My various roles, I has become a strong student voice in the youth vote space, being published in Forbes, featured in a CBS News Bay Area segment, and speaking about voting rights and civic education across the country.

Alex Edgar

Political Science

University of California-Berkeley