From the president

Aedan Kennedy was recommended for the fellowship by his Political Science Professor, Kathleen McKenna, who notes that Aedan was a leader in his Public Policy class during Fall 2022. From the beginning, Aedan stood out as an engaged student and member of the classroom learning community. Whether in classroom discussions or in campus-wide conversations, Aedan demonstrates a rare combination of courage and diplomacy. He is able to listen closely to his classmates’ views and share his own, which are frequently different from his classmates’ positions. And yet, he responds with a diplomatic understanding of where they are coming from, and invites them to consider different perspectives and approaches to possible policy responses. In partisan times, Aedan is gifted, skilled and models how citizens must treat one another if democracy is to endure. Aedan's leadership skills are evident off campus. He volunteered at Camp Arrowhead in service to older adults. When he and a his peers aged out of their church's youth group, Aeden led the way in establishing a Bible Study group for Young Adults. Outside of the classroom, Aeden works in SUNY Broome's library, doing data entry, and working with the campus art collection.

Kevin Drumm


SUNY Broome Community College


Personal Statement

My whole life, I have been fascinated by issues of ethics, politics, and economy, and this may be my chance to properly exercise that fascination. I hold conservative views, as a devout Christian and having been homeschooled for most of my life. However, my parents taught me the ability to think critically, so while I hold the same views as them, it is because they taught me to challenge those views objectively. If accepted into this program, I hope to meet new people and learn far more than I have been able to on my own. I may change some minds and perhaps my own mind will be changed. My clear path ahead is in the realm of politics, to help reshape how people communicate with one another, to avoid complete division in our country. Most of my work has been with my church and other Christian organizations it is partnered with, so I am excited to hear perspectives from people outside that circle. If accepted, it will be an incredible honor and I am already honored to be considered. I am excited for the work I will be able to do with all the great people I may meet.

Aeden Kennedy

Liberal Arts/Associate in Arts

SUNY Broome Community College