From the president

Adlemy is an Economics major undergrad junior student at the University of Monterrey. She is also enrolled in “Formar Para Transformar”, a program for students with a vocation for service that contributes to their integral formation through the development of social processes with a long-term vision for the transformation of their reality. She has worked in the consolidation of the social project “El Taller de Colibrí”, which seeks to encourage children and the elderly in Nuevo León to share their thoughts and emotions through art therapy to reduce the levels of depression, focusing on the development of emotional health and the discovery of artistic skills that allow them to restore ties with their families. Among her recognitions are: First-place award in RETO 10 TECNOCAMP. Recognition by the state of Nuevo Leon for her contribution in facilitating “The Child and Adolescent Participation Forum”. Founder of “Holding Hands with Math Program”, a program aimed to improve the quality of the teaching and learning experience in mathematics for young leaders in the "Ganchos al Corazon '' social project.

Mario Páez González


Universidad de Monterrey


Personal Statement

Since I was a little girl I love to be involved in different projects of community help community, so since I was in high school I got involved in the different church groups, where we did missions and took food to the needy and participated in different activities and I have helped different nursing homes. In 2019 I was appointed president of Club Interact Culiacán Sol where we carry out different activities within the management related to children in foster homes. Since 2020 I was accepted in the program "Formar Para Transformar", where I have collaborated in different projects. Currently I work in the "Taller del Colibrí" as coordinator of social projection, through Art Therapy we accompany young people and older adults. I was also vice-president of the student group "Changemaker" as well as president of another group called "Gente UDEM". This group is responsible for identity and welcome activities for new students. I have also participated as a volunteer in the municipality of San Pedro, Garza Garcia.

Adlemy Abigail Estrada Quiñonez

Bachelor's Degree in Economics

Universidad de Monterrey