From the president

Ms. Faris, a sophomore double-majoring in Political Science and International Studies, is an outstanding campus and community leader committed to addressing barriers faced by underrepresented communities to ensure each person thrives. She is a member of the UNO Forensics team where she produces communicative analysis speeches that advocate on behalf of social issues including food insecurity and international power dynamics that impact economic stability. She is also a Student Worker in the Maverick Food Pantry, a campus resource for students, faculty/staff to address food insecurity and ensure basic needs are met. Recipients of the pantry are impacted by Abigail as a mentor and leader who is interested in the culture and circumstance of each student while finding innovative ways to sustain the pantry’s impact including implementing reusable bags in collaboration with SustainUNO. Abigail also served as an intern for a local nonprofit organization Project Harmony, that supports children and families in situations of child abuse and neglect. Additionally, Abigail worked on a 2022 Nebraska Senate campaign as a canvasser promoting the platform of affordable housing, increased economic development, and a focus on access to education. Abigail will use her experiences to advocate for social issues through her future career in law.

Joanne Li Ph.D., CFA


University of Nebraska at Omaha

abigail faris

Personal Statement

Advocating for my community began in my high school speech team, growing a passion for addressing inequities within communities. This extended into the collegiate level with the UNO Forensics Team. My most impactful speech is discussing the importance of evaluating power struggle relations in terms of communities against larger powerful entities. The root of my passion is being a critical thinker and creative problem solver; change can occur if we are all honest, collaborative, and compassionate. In 2022, I worked on a local campaign, motivating me to be more civically engaged and work to improve political polarization. During the 2023 J-term, I started the journey to becoming an Intergroup Dialogue facilitator with the goal of creating a better campus community climate. I work at the Maverick Food Pantry, helping students gain access to necessities to generate success here at UNO. My favorite tasks are the one-on-one interactions with guests, restocking perishable food items, and collaborating with SustainUNO. Being a part of this team has furthered my passion for addressing issues, specifically those faced by our UNO community. To quote one of my favorite shows, "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

Abigail Faris

Political Science/International Relations

University of Nebraska at Omaha