K2H Civic Futures

The K2H Civic Futures AmeriCorps Program engages AmeriCorps Members in national service focused on developing and supporting community-based learning for youth from kindergarten through graduate school, connecting academic content with real-world issues in a way that allows youth to be part of a solution for change. Through the Civic Futures program, K-12 and higher education institutions will strengthen a pipeline for civic learning and engagement, creating opportunities for youth to be meaningfully involved in their communities regardless of their starting point.

“…we are challenged by the need to ensure that higher education shall take its proper place in our national effort to strengthen democracy at home and to improve our understanding of our friends and neighbors everywhere in the world. A carefully developed program to strengthen higher education, taken together with a program for the support of elementary and secondary education, will inevitably strengthen our Nation and enrich the lives of our citizens.”
– Harry S. Truman, XXXIII President of the United States

  • Casper College
  • Colorado College
  • Colorado State University
  • Colorado State University-Pueblo
  • JeffCo School District (Arvada High School; Brady High School; Green Mountain High School; Sobesky Academy; Stober Elementary)
  • Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • Red Rocks Community College
  • University of Colorado Boulder
  • University of Denver
  • University of Northern Colorado

Program Goals

  1. Develop, expand, or support evidence-based civic learning and engagement programs in K-12 or community-based sites
  2. Create reciprocal partnerships between K-12 schools, community-based organizations focused on civic learning and engagement, and higher education partners that will be sustained after national service grant funding ends
  3. Expand civic engagement opportunities for K-12 youth
  4. Expand civic learning opportunities for K-12 youth

For more information, contact Alisha Andrews, Director, K2H Civic Futures at aandrews@compact.org.