Professional Credentialing

Introducing Campus Compact’s Credentialing Program for
Community Engagement Professionals

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Colleges and universities are rapidly hiring to fill the positions of Community Engagement Director or Director of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement on their campus. Campus Compact is launching a credentialing program for these Community Engagement Professionals (CEPs). The credentialing program is designed to:

  • Establish consensus on the skills and knowledge base CEPs need to promote effective community engagement and civic learning on their campuses
  • Facilitate the emergence of a national learning community for CEPs
  • Encourage the development of vibrant professional development opportunities in the field
  • Support CEPs by guiding approaches to navigating the complexity of their institutional environments

Why Now? 

The changing landscape in higher education demands professional standards and quality professional development for CEPs.

  • There is national recognition of the need for greater civic engagement on and off-campus
  • Civic engagement is institutionalized on campuses across the country
  • Colleges & universities are documenting an rapid increase in the number of curricular and co-curricular engagement opportunities

How Will It Work?

CEPs will attend professional development opportunities and earn micro-credentials in order to earn candidacy towards full certification. A Certified Community Engagement Professional (CCEP) can confidently document their competency across a range of skills such as organizational management and effective communication with campus partners. 

Programs that hire CCEPs can also be confident in the professional’s knowledge in a range of areas including the history of civic engagement on campus and campus operations. 

Stay tuned for more information coming Fall 2018