Initial Curator: Tabitha Underwood


Institutionalization of community engagement requires both the integration of engagement into the curriculum and the dedication of permanent resources in order to provide an appropriate level of support across the campus. There are a variety of ways to accomplish integration and the commitment of resources, including developing majors, minors, certificates, and scholar programs that legitimize community engagement as a field of study. By providing these formal academic structures, institutions are better able to mobilize their capacity as educational entities to not only prepare students for responsible engagement but also demonstrate the centrality of the public purpose of higher education through the dedication of resources in a meaningful way. These opportunities have the potential for institutions to focus on comprehensive, intense, and long-term student engagement and deeper community impact. Planning efforts can chart opportunities for and challenges to the development and implementation of such academic structures as avenues to enhance their community engagement endeavors. This knowledge hub provides resource and examples for campuses pursuing new opportunities for majors, minors, certificates, and scholar programs.

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C) Certificates

D) Scholar Programs