Safe Elections Project

The opportunity for every American to vote in a free and fair election is at risk. Because of COVID-19, the older Americans who typically carry most of the burden of keeping our polling places open must stand down this year to protect their health.

Unless younger Americans step up, the resulting shortage of poll workers could mean closed polling places and long delays in communities across the country.

Want to pitch in?
Sign up at Power the Polls to become a poll worker in your area. Enter your information into their online form, and local election officials will get in touch with you to complete enrollment.

The Campus Compact Safe Elections Project will enlist and train 300 students this summer to recruit their fellow students as poll workers for the November 2020 election. Campus Compact will train Student Recruiters to be effective organizers and educators about the importance of poll workers for our democracy.

Student Recruiters will receive a $500 stipend upon completion of their work, which will take place over about 3 weeks during Summer 2020. Given the nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, all training and resources will be provided online, and recruitment activities will take place virtually.

Campus Compact is proud to partner with Power the Polls to recruit a new wave of poll workers to ensure a safe, secure, healthy, and fair election for all.

Want to find out more?
This informational webinar offers more details about the program, including an introduction to the importance of poll workers for safe elections, requirements for student recruiters, and more details about how you can get involved.

Campus Compact takes the public safety risks associated with in-person elections during COVID seriously and encourages all poll workers to take responsibility to ensure they have proper PPE while serving. For questions and concerns related to coronavirus and serving as a poll worker, please contact your local elections office. Campus Compact is not liable for the health or safety of poll workers who sign up via the Safe Elections Project.

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