Our Staff


Andrew Seligsohn, Ph.D.
Phone: (617) 357-1881
Ext.: 1210
Email: ajs@compact.org

Mary Christine Daep
Program Manager, K2H Civic Futures
Phone: (720) 702-2118
Ext.: 1224
Email: mcdaep@compact.org

Matt Farley
Director, AmeriCorps Programs
Phone: (617) 553-5532
Ext.: 1212
Email: mfarley@compact.org

Natalie Furlett
Director, Partnerships and Member Engagement
Phone: (312) 450-0101
Ext.: 101
Email: nfurlett@compact.org

Maria Gregory
Assistant to the President and Coordinator of Finances
Phone: (617) 357-4110
Ext.: 1207
Email: mgregory@compact.org

Maggie Grove
Vice President for Strategy and Operations
Phone: (617) 357-4166
Ext.: 1208
Email: mgrove@compact.org

Clayton A. Hurd, Ph.D.
Director, Professional Learning and Engaged Scholarship
Phone: (617) 553-5545
Ext.: 1205
Email: churd@compact.org

Molly Leiper
Communications Manager
Phone: (617) 357-4115
Ext.: 1213
Email: mleiper@compact.org

Marisol Morales, Ed.D.
Vice President for Network Leadership
Phone: (857) 378-4468
Ext.: 1209
Email: mmorales@compact.org

Nicole Springer
Director, Faculty and Staff Programs
Phone: (517) 331-9870
Ext.: 1222
Email: nspringer@compact.org

Alaigra Usher
Engagement Specialist, K2H Civic Futures
Phone: (720) 702-2103
Ext.: 1225
Email: ausher@compact.org

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Additional Information

For general inquiries, email campus@compact.org.

Campus Compact is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and accepts donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations. To donate to Campus Compact, contact Emily Bottie at ebottie@compact.org.