From the president

Vivian Cassaniti, a sophomore at Georgia College, has worked to improve the civic health in our community, empowering college-age students to identify their civic and political interests and to express their views constructively in public circles. In an era when so many of her age seem apathetic toward government, public affairs, and civic life, Vivian defies that trend; she votes, volunteers for campaigns and community service, and educates voters about the ballot. She hopes to attend law school and has a particular interest in civil rights and immigration law. Vivian embodies the best of our hopes for Georgia College students; she combines her studies in theory and philosophy with an active commitment to improving her community and world.


Personal Statement

My passion for civic engagement began in high school when I became keenly aware of the impact one person can make: small individual actions have a powerful cumulative effect. As a student of political science, I eagerly seek out politics. I encourage my peers to connect to their community and discover for themselves, the power their impact can make. Real political change often occurs at the micro level - in city halls, in town hall meetings, in civic clubs - and thus the power lies within the people in these communities. Through volunteer experiences, I strive to show students how participating civically - such as volunteering in voter registration campaigns, educating themselves on those running and their policies, and encouraging others to register to vote - will have a profound, positive impact on their community's civic health. In the future, I plan to continue my dedication to civic engagement by applying to the Peace Corps and Fulbright. I will further my education with a Juris Doctor degree. I hope to continue my passion for civic engagement by working with non-profit organizations dedicated to protecting voting and civic rights like the American Civil Liberties Union.

Vivian Cassaniti

Political Science and Philosophy

Georgia College & State University