From the president

Lucy Swenson, a junior Environmental Studies major at Centre College, is highly engaged in numerous campus organizations and programs. She serves on the leadership team for the Centre Environmental Association, as an intern with CentreWorks, as a member of the Centre College Sustainability Committee, and works with the Centre Office of Sustainability and the Environment. In the community she has helped to develop the new Kentucky School for the Deaf and Centre College farm. Additionally, Lucy served as the Conservation & Outreach Intern at the Josephine Sculpture Park in Frankfort where she engaged in environmental education.Throughout her work, Lucy focuses on trust, empathy, empowerment, support, and community identified needs. She balances multiple commitments with enthusiasm and her passion for environmental justice and building a sustainable future. Her actions and her ability to communicate inspires and empowers others. She displays outstanding character and leadership qualities, modeling true civic engagement. Lucy’s work on Centre’s campus and in the Danville community will have a deep and lasting impact.

Milton Moreland


Centre College


Personal Statement

As a student, I learn about environmental and international studies from global to local scales, and as an activist, I channel my passion for environmental sustainability into developing holistic solutions. Through my leadership in a campus environmental club, service on the Centre College Sustainability Committee, and work at CentreWorks, a Centre College nonprofit, I advocate for circular resource systems, empathetic problem-solving, and community social justice opportunities. I participate in a collaborative research and design project that examines access to fresh food by sourcing our research and solutions directly from the community. I’ve nurtured my passion for food security working at the Kentucky School for the Deaf and Centre College farm, where I developed an organic food safety plan, cultivated organic produce, and innovated equitable food distribution. At Josephine Sculpture Park, I engaged in conservation and accessibility work, environmental education through art, and local environmental justice. My experiences have shaped my conviction that human and natural systems thrive when they are diverse, empathetic, and reciprocal. I believe that acknowledging and cultivating community agency can change the world, and I am empowered to use empathetic communication, entrepreneurship, fresh food access, sustainable agriculture, and human-nature relationships to do just that.

Lucy Swenson

Environmental Studies

Centre College