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A media studies major at SUNY Buffalo State, Jacob Fleming views communication as linked to social justice (because miscommunication can stand in the way of social justice). Jacob’s academic accomplishments include the Class of 1945 Golden Anniversary Scholarship and membership in the Buffalo State Communications Honor Society. Through his work with Buffalo State-TV and The Buffalo Blitz sports news radio program, Jacob has built on the media skills he developed working on a public access television show at SUNY Niagara Community College (NCCC). Jacob’s community service is indeed extensive. In May 2022, I awarded Jacob the President’s Certificate of Recognition for Community Engagement for his work with Phi Theta Kappa Alpha Pi Beta Chapter (NCCC), the Niagara Falls Community Lions Club, and Niagara Falls Peacemakers. He mentors high school and college students through his continued participation in two NCCC programs, and he has worked with the Nikola Tesla Social Innovation Center and the Niagara Organizing Alliance for Hope (NOAH). He inaugurated the Niagara Falls Juneteenth Celebration (2020) and the Juneteenth Parade and Festival (2022), and he served on the Niagara Falls Healthcare Disparities Task Force (under the Social Justice Commission established by Mayor Restaino in response to George Floyd’s death).

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jacob fleming

Personal Statement

Social issues appear to have many things in common; two primary hindrances are a lack of education and resources. I have realized that to become genuinely healthy, one must first become physically and mentally fit. Then and only then can a worthy emphasis be placed on financial health. After thoughtful consideration, I feel some of our current issues can be resolved by implementing youth mentoring programs, a rebirth of vocational programs, and physical and mental health and wellness initiatives. My experience leads me to believe that by taking advantage of current technology and social media platforms, these programs and initiatives can be rolled out like never before. My optimism makes me feel that in my heart, the honor and privilege of participating in this program will afford me, my university, and my community the resources and opportunity to address some of our social issues resulting in an unprecedented change.

Jacob J. Fleming, Sr.

Media Production

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