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Camille Brock is a third-year student at Ithaca College who is a leader in student involvement, as well as service both on and off campus. Since early 2021, she has worked closely with Racker, a local non-profit that supports individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, in their Community Engagement department to fundraise and assist with communications that elevate their mission of supporting those who are traditionally underserved in our society. She has also worked with a local food bank as their Corporate Partnerships Intern to bring in and cultivate corporate relationships that support the mission of building and sustaining hunger-free communities. On campus, she is committed to providing alternative programming for students of all backgrounds through her work as President of a late-night programming organization. She currently works in the Office of Student Engagement with a few fellow students to continue promoting the importance of student involvement and engagement outside of the classroom both on and off campus.

La Jerne Terry Cornish


Ithaca College


Personal Statement

I’ve been involved with programs that support those with intellectual and developmental disabilities since I entered middle school. It started as an after-school venture and eventually morphed into weekends at Special Olympics, a summer camp for those with special needs, and now fundraising and community engagement efforts with a local nonprofit. Individuals with disabilities are traditionally underserved and their programs are severely underfunded. Two large programs that are crucial to this community are an early childhood intervention program and residential homes for older individuals, which are both supported by this local nonprofit. Through my scholarship program, I’ve been able to hone in on the importance of involvement outside of the classroom, as well as the role that media plays in service. Involvement outside the classroom is something I'm incredibly passionate about, as that's what makes one's college experience just as much as academics. I’ve been involved with a pre-orientation program that provides incoming students with a jumpstart on the new community they've joined and connects them with volunteer opportunities in the area. I’ve also been committed to providing alternative programming for all students across campus, as well as providing opportunities for individuals to become involved in various student activities.

Camille Brock

Communication Management and Design

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