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Spring/Summer 2012
University of Iowa’s Sally Mason Takes a Long View of Sustainability; UI School of Urban and RegionalPlanning Partners with City of Dubuque; Nursing Students at University of North Florida are Deeply Immersed in Community; Biodigester: An Economic and Community Impact Initiative at UW Oshkosh; University of Minnesota’s Andrew Furco is Named Winner of Thomas Ehrlich Faculty Award

Winter 2011-2012
From the Heartland to China and Back; New Journal from Missouri; Dr. James Dworkin is Campus Compact Chair

Spring/Summer 2011
We explore how various state compacts are helping their members make a difference through the work of VISTAs, through one presidents’ commitment to service-learning on campus and in the community, and through numerous other initiatives aimed at tackling the problems of health and financial literacy, college retention, and support for veterans, to name just a few.

Winter 2011
Lumina Foundation’s Focus on Sustainable Change; A Promising Connection; Thinking Aloud: Positive Reverberations from Presidents Leadership Summit

Summer 2010
Penn President Amy Gutmann’s Passion for Engagement; Civic Engagement: A Minnesota Tradition; TRUCEN Mission & Goals; Thinking Aloud: Network within a Network

Winter 2010
Interview with Leo Lambert, Elon’s President; Ehrlich Award Recipient, Thomas Dutton, spotlight on VISTA program in Portland; and information on Presidents Leadership Summit

Summer 2009
SOSU, KSU students receive Civic Leadership Award; Proyecto Communidad: University of the Street; Dutton of Miami U named Ehrlich Reward Recipient

Spring 2009
Bold presidential agenda holds promise for higher education; JMU director garners national staff award for community engagement; Student-led organization fights drug abuse

Fall 2008
Public service requirement linked to rise in
student applications, 2008 Campus Vote initiative takes off

Spring 2008
Student coalition spurs legislation to create 100,000 civic works jobs; New voting website helps students vote smart

Winter 2008
Promoting social equity in New Orleans’ 9th Ward; More communication, collaboration needed, say community partners in major CACC study; Research universities step up civic engagement

Fall 2007
Collaboration crosses borders to build communities; Students, faculty honored for innovative initiatives; Engineering success at Louisiana State

Spring 2007
Student Service Valued at $7.1 Billion; Wentworth ramps up spring break program to rebuild in New Orleans

Winter 2007
Global citizenship at Kalamazoo; What members love about Campus Compact

Fall 2006
Campus Compact poised to meet new challenges; Essays from leading thinkers shape discussions on civic engagement’s future; Campus Compact’s 20th anniversary celebration; faculty, students in civic engagement honored

Summer 2006
Student Service Valued at $5.6 billion; National leaders to converge on Chicago this fall at Campus Compact’s 20th anniversary; New resources for developing student leaders

Winter 2006
Civic engagement high at comprehensive universities; Kentucky becomes 31st state Compact; 100 campuses act to enliven the democracy

Fall 2005
Presidents, legislators celebrate Campus Compact’s 20 years; Members aid Katrina victims

Spring 2005
Campus Compact survey: Students contribute $ billions in service to communities; Campus Compact resources let students be heard

Winter 2005
Sustaining success in challenging times; Readying campuses to serve as emergency resources; Campus Compact & UN collaborate

Fall 2005
Presidents, legislators celebrate Campus Compact’s 20 years of progress; Members aid Hurricane Katrina victims; Newman, Ehrlich, and Swearer recipients

Spring 2005
Students contribute $ billions of service to communities; Student participation and engagement way up

Fall 2004
Campus Compact joins efforts to mobilize voters; Member presidents call for civic action; Best practice: Building community with facultyNew fund honors Campus Compact founder

Spring 2004
Student service at record levels; Best practice: Moving from “good” to “great”; Member presidents in the news

Winter 2004
Governor launches Kansas Compact; Professionalizing the role of service directors; Celebrating a decade of engagement under the Big Sky; Advocacy efforts pay off

Fall 2003
An unusual match, by Thomas Schnaubelt, Ph.D; LC: Building partnerships for civic education; Legislative update; Campus Compact’s effect on service in higher ed; Inspired by the power & value of service-learning; Higher Standards in Service-Learning Research; Swearer Student Award; Focus on Community Colleges

Spring 2003
Indicators of Engagement: New initiative to deepen civic engagement on campus; New center for liberal education and civic engagement; An initiative to end hate; Raise Your Voice: A Week of Action: 250 campuses, 7 days, and lots of action; Outstanding innovation at UCLA

Winter 2003
Highlights from Campus Compact’s 2002 National Summit; Legislative update & Swearer winners; Student voices; The New Greatest Generation, by Gary Schueller

Fall 2002
Raise Your Voice: Student Action for Change; Teach to Change in R.I.New initiative to increase civic engagement; Bush & Harkavy on service-learning & civic engagement; Ehrlich recipients; Resources for student dialogue & the war on terrorism; Legislative update; Service-Learning Research Conference

Fall / Winter, 2001-2002
Searching for truth in turbulent times; NY officially launches CompactPeople news: Heffernan & Jamieson

Service-Learning as contested territory: One person’s perspective after 25 Years; Hollander receives honorary degree; 2001 Swearer recipients; Dr. Williams receives Ehrlich Award; State Compacts reach 25; WorldCom’s civic investment

Spring 2001
Students and civic engagement; Higher education and community engagementWomen’s colleges and service-learning

Fall 2000
The 2000 Presidents’ Leadership Colloquium; Higher Education for democracy: Strategies for civic engagement; The disengaged generation: Evidence and potential solutions; America’s evolving democracy: Redefining citizenship

Summer 2000
Vanishing voters? Higher ed’s responsibility for helping students connect service; Civic responsibility and politicsFive students receive the 2000 Swearer Humanitarian Award

March-April 2000
College students and presidents discuss service and the civic responsibility of higher ed; Trinity College and others invest in the revitalization of their communities

October-November 1999
Presidents pledge to renew higher eds public purposes and to rebuild the democracy; A school without walls: University of Montana; Faculty professor James Farr: Service should properly be called “work;” 6 national discipline associations receive grants to expand service-learning

May-June 1999
Service-learning and the non-traditional student; Four older undergrads share benefits, insights, and challenges to service-learning; Making service-learning work for the older student

March-April 1999
Focus on quality: Beyond unilateral engagement: How one university became a true community partner; Exploring higher ed’s role in civic responsibility

Dec-Jan 1998-1999
New federal programs and legislation have big effects on higher ed; Quality service program gives kids and undergrads a Jumpstart

Oct-Nov 1998
Campus Compact convenes Wingspread gathering to explore successful partnerships; Five undergrads receive Swearer Humanitarian AwardMidwest community service

Dec-Jan 1997-1998
Brown program connects students with meaningful work after college; Considerations in mandating service as a graduation requirement; Redefining service inside and outside the classroom

Oct-Nov 1997
Research advisory council convenes in NYC; Service-Learning Institute for engineering, mathematics, and science faculty

July-Aug 1997
U.S. Secretary of Education honors Swearer award winners; Compact for learning and citizenship announced; Spotlight on Bellarmine College

May-June 1997
Campus Compact announces partnering initiative; NH becomes state Compact; Campus Compact president’s summit

March-April 1997
Campus Compact commits to presidents’ summit; SEAMS update: Grant continues to impact disciplines

Jan-Feb 1997
Compact names Hollander new director; Utah launches state Compact

Nov-Dec 1996
Federal budget boosts Work-Study funds; Partnership announces M.A. degree for international service; Community based learning: unintended consequences

Sept-Oct 1996
Voter registration drives; Campus Compact launches Seams Year IIPartnering with the community

July-Aug 1996
Rhodes to step down as Campus Compact director; National gathering convenes in Indianapolis

March-Apr 1996
Campus Compact announces Ehrlich Faculty Award winner; Swearer Student Humanitarian Award winners namedService-learning 1986-1996

Jan-Feb 1996
Oregon launches a state Compact; Olivet College announces service scholarships; Educating for civic responsibility

Nov-Dec 1995
Prudential survey reveals high school students value service; Astin study reveals benefits of volunteering in college

Sept-Oct 1995
College and university presidents issue RI challenge; Serving communities, strengthening institutions

July-Aug 1995
MA joins national network; Campus Compact celebrates 10 years of service in higher ed

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