Reports and Models Archive

Developed by Timothy K. Stanton of Stanford University and Jeffrey P. Howard of the University of Michigan with assistance from a broad network of contributors, this online resource offers an annotated guide to the best information available on engaged scholarship, as well as models, exemplars, and original essays. The toolkit has been updated to reflect changes and growth in the field.

This article, which appeared in the Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, outlines TRUCEN’s purpose-driven history and its deep commitment to promoting and advancing engaged scholarship in research university settings.

In 2010, a special issue of Campus Compact’s newsletter, Compact Current, featured TRUCEN and serves as an excellent overview to the organization.

This is the network’s second report. It focuses on four critical areas: 1) engaged scholarship, 2) scholarship focused on civic and community engagement, 3) educating students for civic and community engagement, and 4) advancing civic engagement within and across research universities. This second report also includes models from a range of participating research universities.

This Leadership Agenda, published by Tufts University in 2006, describes the group’s rationale and philosophy and provides recommendations that outline why it is important for research universities to embrace and advance engaged scholarship as a central component of their activities and programs at every level — institutional, faculty, and student.

The statement, endorsed by the entire group, argues that research universities’ exceptional faculty, students, financial resources, and research facilities position them to contribute to community change relatively quickly and in ways that will ensure deeper and longer-lasting commitment to civic engagement across higher education.