From May 2016 to December 2017, Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) participated in the process of creating a Civic Action Plan (CAP) using the framework, training and support provided by Campus Compact. In addition to convening a cross-institutional team to engage in a planning process that would result in goals to incorporate in our ongoing strategic planning efforts, MATC also received a grant from Campus Compact to create a series of on-campus dialogues to engage students in discussion of community issues. The CAP timeline, goals and relationship to our institutional strategic plan are summarized in the attached slides. Also included are slides about MATC’s Community Connection platform and the results of our Community Conversations dialogue series, both of which were offered in partnership with United Way.

MATC Civic Action Plan Timeline

May 2016  Dr. Martin affirmed Campus Compact 30th Anniversary Action Statement via signature

August 2016  MATC Civic Action Planning Team participated in 2-day planning workshop

Fall 2016  Cross-institutional team led by CESL met monthly

Spring 2017  Cross-institutional team formulated elements of Civic Action Plan

May 2017  Center for Engaged and Service Learning aligned Civic Action Plan with VISION 2020

July 2017  Civic Action Plan leadership team participated in 2-day implementation workshop

August 2017  CESL embedded key Civic Action Plan goal in VISION 2020 Goal 1 Student Success

December 2017  CESL secured Civic Action Plan endorsement from Dr. Martin’s Cabinet

January 2018 Civic Action Plan goal referred for charter via Student Success Core Committee

MATC Civic Action Plan (CAP) Goals 

CAP Goal 1: Increase reciprocal community partnerships and positive community engagement. CAP

Goal 2: Extend institutional resources to strengthen the communities MATC students and employees call home. CAP

Goal 3: Promote awareness of community input and collective impact of MATC. CAP

Goal 4: Expand the diverse array of civic and community engagement opportunities for students, employees and community members. CAP

Goal 5: Cultivate, value and celebrate community engagement, community partnership and collective impact.

Next Steps

Goal 5 has been referred to a college Core Committee for action alongside emerging Student Success projects related to the VISION 2020 Strategic Plan.

The Center for Engaged and Service Learning will continue to offer the Community Connection service platform and Community Conversations student dialogue events throughout 2018.