Initial Curators: Megan Lane, Interfaith Youth Core


This Knowledge Hub provides resources for Civic Engagement and Service Learning professionals interested in fostering opportunities for students to engage their religious, spiritual, and secular values in their service work. Religious and ethical convictions are the driving force behind people’s motivation to serve others and ignoring them misses valuable opportunity to connect values to action. As America continues to diversify, opportunities for conflict around religious difference abound. However, there is also ample opportunity for students to engage in cooperative and healthy ways by exploring the shared values between traditions- specifically through service to their communities.

Key resources

A) Religion in America

B) Interfaith Cooperation as a Civic Project

C) Religion in American Higher Education


  • Interfaith Youth Core Non-profit working with colleges and universities to build interfaith cooperation through dialogue and community service
  • Ask Big Questions, Hillel International National program focused on building respectful and productive dialogue across lines on difference
  • Tanenbaum Foundation Center for Interreligious Understanding, working to combat religious prejudice in schools and the workplace


  • Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX Religiously affiliated campus focusing its interfaith efforts on combating illiteracy in their community
  • University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL Public campus focusing its interfaith efforts on alleviating hunger among its student body