Warren Wilson College is a national liberal arts college that fully integrates on-campus work and off-campus community engagement into its curriculum. In addition to its innovative experiential program, the College and its students are known for their strong commitment to environmental sustainability, diversity and social justice. These commitments and values position the college to work towards and claim civic identity as the central focus of a Warren Wilson College education.    While Warren Wilson College is committed to upholding all commitments from the 30th Anniversary Action Statement, our Civic Action Plan specifically focuses on the following:

  1. We prepare our students for lives of engaged citizenship, with the motivation and capacity to deliberate, act, and lead in pursuit of the public good.
  2. We foster an environment that consistently affirms the centrality of the public purposes of higher education by setting high expectations for members of the campus community to contribute to their achievement.  

The following are the expected outcomes of Warren Wilson College’s Civic Action Plan:

  1. Development of a civic identity is central to the Warren Wilson College student educational experience.
  2. Warren Wilson College faculty and staff understand how to incorporate civic identity into their work.
  3. Departments across campus are oriented and assessed on civic identity performance.

Immediate Action Steps for Warren Wilson College’s Civic Action Plan include:

  1. Proposing a revising General Education model to broadly include civic identity
  2. Aligning various departmental student learning outcomes and goals with the civic identity model
  3. Developing a plan to examine faculty and staff evaluation and performance measures with the goal of including civic identity focus into these measures.
  4. Developing a plan to examine departmental assessment measures with the goal of including civic identity focus into these measures.