The Civic Action Plan is an articulation of Utah Valley University’s (UVU) current commitment to community engagement. UVU is committed to the Campus Compact Five Action Statements and will continue to expand our approach and commitment through organizational structure, updated policies and procedures, and ongoing community collaboration. This document provides the approach used to reach the strategic outcomes and implementation plan. Vision/Mission UVU aims to establish an integrated model of community engagement so students, faculty and staff members form civic, corporate and governmental partnerships to enhance the educational process, promote civic participation, build community capacity, and drive economic opportunity. This model includes both curricular and cocurricular opportunities, wherein students are challenged to address critical societal issues. Approach This Civic Action Plan advances a holistic approach to our strategic objectives and activities, allowing for fluid and dynamic community engagement in the government, corporate and civic sectors. The conceptual model is student-staff-faculty educational opportunities at the center of all community engagement. Outcomes The planning team recommends taking action to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Revise the organizational structure to harness the community engagement capacity of our institution.
  2. Address policy and procedure barriers that inhibit community engagement efforts.
  3. Establish an external strategy that reflects our role as an anchor institution.

Implementation The implementation of the Civic Action Plan will begin in the summer of 2017 and follow the tasks and scheduled deadlines as outlined in the report. Communication The plan will continue to be discussed with President’s Council, President’s Executive Leadership Council, Economic Development Committee, and the Community Advisory Council.