The University of Wisconsin-Parkside seeks to live the Wisconsin Idea as an authentic community partner and steward of place as well as an effective laboratory for its students to learn through community engagement. By signing the Campus Compact Civic Action Statement in November, 2015 Chancellor Deborah Ford pledged to develop a plan that deepens and strengthens the campus commitment to community engagement and provides guidance to implementation of action steps to do so.  The plan was created through the efforts of a team of faculty, staff, administrators and community partners who collected input and feedback over the course of the last nine months. This included focus groups, facilitated discussions and surveys of students, faculty, staff and community members. The following three goals were developed and related objectives and metrics were defined.

GOAL 1: Prepare UW-Parkside graduates to be fully knowledgeable, active citizens committed to on-going engagement with the campus, local and global communities.

GOAL 2: Campus is an active citizen and authentic partner in improving the economic, social, political and cultural life of its local, regional and global communities.

GOAL 3: Build and sustain a culture that appreciates, fosters and supports a diverse, inclusive campus and regional community. These goals, objectives and metrics provide guidance for implementation strategies which will be owned by various campus planning committees. It is anticipated that this plan will be a continuously evolving document. The following action items are the first steps the university will take to achieve the Civic Action Plan goals.

  • Refine standards for community based learning course designation and establish CBL Steering Committee to review proposed courses.
  • In partnership with regional Strive Together collective impact initiatives, implement the student success recommendations from the 2017-18 Parkside Academic Plan.
  • Work with the Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee to develop strategies to engage community members in support of under-represented minority students.