In order to strengthen our mission and actualize the commitments of the Campus Compact in its 30th year, Guttman Community College has chosen to identify and cultivate authentic, equitable and reciprocal partnerships in the communities from which the majority of our students come. To reach our goal of becoming a vital community partner in the zip codes representing the local communities in which most Guttman students reside, the college will take the following action steps over a three-year period:

  • Use GIS mapping tools to identify existing community partnerships and the assets of a nonprofit intermediary agency to develop new ones in collaboration with college Programs of Study and strategic external stakeholders for reciprocity and collective impact
  • Utilize digital solutions to track partnership development across campus units and student community and civic engagement
  • Develop and adapt policy and documentation to provide infrastructure, support and scalability for increased experiential learning opportunities to attain institutional learning outcomes in Applied and Civic Learning, Engagement and Social Responsibility
  • Work towards comprehensive, responsive community partnering at all levels of the College and in the facilitation of civic transfer pathways for Guttman students within the CUNY system.
  • Provide faculty and staff with support and recognition for excellence in community engagement